Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vengeance indienne

Vengeance indienne – French title
(Indian Vengeance – translated English title
A 1908 French production [Pathé Frères (Paris)]
Producers: Charles Pathé, Émile Pathé, Théophile Pathé, Jacques Pathé
Director: ?
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: 135 meters
Cast: ?
Two cowboys shoot an unfortunate young Indian boy because he drank from one of their canteens. Before dying, the Indian boy tells his tribe about the shooting and they vow to avenge him. The Redskins begin to hunt for the two cowboys and thanks to their wonderful qualities of patience and determination they discover the murderers hiding in a cave in the rocks. They are smoked out, and given a horrible punishment, but not as cruel, however, as the murder of the poor Indian child.

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