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Sky Bandits – U.K. title
Gunbus – U.K. title
Dois Herois Explosivos – Brazilian title
Gunbus – Dois Explosivos – Brazilian title
Gunbus – Filipino title
Gunbus – Hungarian title
A csodafegyver - ? title
Gunbus… e divennero eroi – Italian title
Bandyci przestworzy – Polish title
Dynamitardzi ? title
Os Comandos do Ar – Portuguese title
Sky Bandits – U.S.A. title
A 1985 British production [London Front, J&M Entertainment (London)]
Producer: Richard Herland
Director: Zoran Perisic
Story: Thom Keyes
Screenplay: Thom Keyes
Cinematography: David Watkin (Francis Watkin) [Rankcolor] 
Music: Alfie Kabiljo (Alfons Kabiljo)
Running time: 105 minutes
Barney – Scot McGinnis
Luke – Jeff Osterhage (Jeffrey Osterhage)
Fritz – Ronald Lacey
Bannock – Mile Anderson
Yvette – Valerie Steffen
Mitsou – Ingrid Held
Chalky – Nicholas Lyndhurst
Commander von Schlussel – Keith Buckley
Ffolkes – Nicholas Frankau
Hawkins – Conrad Asquith
Hamilton – David English
Nicky – Michael Jenn
Adiss – Simon Harrison
Countess Olga – Bernice Stegers
Car salesman – Tony Sibbald
Rezin – John Cassidy
Sheriff – Bill Bailey (William Bailey)
Big Jake – Ted Maynard
Pendercost – Bill Reimbold (William Reimbold)
Town drunks – Richard Heland, Thom Keyes
Little girl with glasses – Mimi Keyes
Spectacle salesman – Graham Ford
Unknown soldier – David Daou
Bomber captain – Timothy Morand
German bombardier – Renny Krupinski
Alphonse – Derek Ware
Waitresses – Margaret Nolan, Jacqueline Skarvellis
Colonel Canning – Terence Harvey
Canning’s Lieutenant – John Vine
Flight – John Sessions (John Marshall)
Organ player – Slim Gaillard (Bulee Gaillard)
Martinette – Yee San Foo
Carmen – Seeta Indani
Knife thrower – Tod Cody
Strong man – Chris Greener (Christopher Greener)
Juggler – Billy Gray (William Gray)
Fire-eater – Willie Copen (William Copen)
Mechanic – Adrian Dunbar
Master Sergeant – Jim Dunk (James Dunk)
Watch officer – John Rees
Gunnery officer – Alfredo Michelsen
Lieutenant Geyer – Hugo Bower
Guards – Louis Sheldon, Anthony May, Domini Winter
With: Tony Mascaroni
Stunts: Randy Caldwell, Victor Kriz, Mark Smith, Spike Wright, Tom Delmar
Stunt coordinator: Marc Boyle (Marcel Boyle)

Two cowboys, Barney and Luke,  are captured trying to rob a bank. Instead of being sent to prisothey are exiled to the front lines of World War I to fight alongside the British. They get into a wager to see if they can fly a Gunbus and escape, they manage to fly the airship but end up in another base under an officer who is determined to hunt down a German airship.
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