Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mario Adorf’s Back in the Saddle

Mario Adorf appears in a new German TV commercial for Aachen Münchener. At 83 years of age he’s as agile as ever: For the new TV spot he plays a Western villain as good as anything with: a leap from the roof of the bank on to a waiting horse followed by a wild ride through town into a saloon where he grabs a whiskey bottle and rides up stairs out through a window and a fast ride into the prairie.
According to the press release he did all his own stunts. The film director is played by comedian Oliver Polak.
At the end over a roaring campfire comes he’s offered a cigarette and a bill to light it with. Adorf exclaims, “You don’t play with money”, the slogan of Aachen Münchener since 2010.

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