Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy 85th Birthday Edith Hancke

Edith Hancke was born in Berlin, Germany on October 14, 1928. Edith grew up in Berlin-Charlottenburg and at 20 years of age she attended the acting school at the Wilmersdorf Wilhelmsaue. She then received her first roles as an actress in DEFA films in Babelsberg. After four East German productions, she moved to the West.
Besides numerous film and television productions Hancke also played at many of Berlin’s theaters. She received the Golden Curtain, the award for most popular actress in Berlin multiple times. Edith Hancke for two years was a member of the cabaret “The Porcupines”. For the popular radio entertainment series Pension Spree she appeared in 150 episodes with RIAS. Even at the age of 72 years, she starred in the play “Stück Fenster zum Flur”. Edith appeared in her only Euro-western as Alice in “Black Eagle of Santa Fe” (1964).
Through her ​​work as a voice actress she can be heard in many foreign films Hancke's voice, for example was heard in the Czech musical movie “Lemonade Joe” (1965), in which she sang the lyrics of Olly Schoberová original alternating with those of the male parts sung by Günter Pfitzmann. From 1991 to 1994 Hancke was heard in the U.S. Baby Sinclair Dinosaurs series voicing "Not the Mama!" and was well known for the recurring exclamation. She is married to her fellow actor Klaus Sonnecshein [1936- ] since 1972 and lives with him in their home in Holstein and Berlin-Schlachtensee.


  1. Edith Hancke appeared as Alice. The role of Cora Morton was played by Helga Sommerfeld.

  2. Correct you are. I've corrected the article. Thank you.