Sunday, October 6, 2013

Giuliano Gema funeral at the Capitol

The mayor brought crown of flowers and spoke for a few minutes with Gemma’s wife and relatives of the actor.
Giuliano Gemma’s funeral began this morning at nine o'clock, at the hall of Promoteca on Capitol Hill, in honor of Giuliano Gemma. Present were the wife of the actor, Barbara Richerme and daughter Vera. The first to pay tribute to the actor, who died in a car accident in Cerveteri, was the mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino. After a few moments of silence, he met with the relatives of the late "Gringo".
"I was very shaken by the loss of Giuliano Gemma and I speak mainly as a person belonging to a generation that, in our country, has grown up with his films. Now Marino, seeing clips of his films projecting the memory and the moments of his life, show the more or less difficult years of our country. I did not have the good fortune to know him personally but, like many of us, I knew him through his works. I've always had the feeling he was a clear, transparent, gentle person. Certainly it is a great loss to the arts in our country."

      Nino Benvenuti pays his respects to Giuliano and his family.

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  1. And Brazil still mourns his death...:(
    Giuliano Gemma represents an era when movies were made with gusto, creativity and love by real people, not soulless machines as it is being done nowadays(with a very few exceptions).
    We are all orphans since October 1st...
    Stephan Segantini