Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy 85th Birthday Giorgio Stegani

Giorgio Stegani was born on October 13, 1928. The son of pianist Matilda Lambiase, nephew of the Maestro Oreste Lambiase and great-grandson of actor Louis Lambiase, Giorgio Stegani began his career as a screenwriter in 1954 with the documentary film “Ai margini della città” by Giorgio Ferroni. With Ferroni in 1961 he became an assistant director on the film “Le baccanti”.
His debut as a director came in 1965 with the spy story “Criminali ad Hong Kong”, for which he used the pseudonym of George Finley. His name is very much linked to the Spaghetti westerns of the 1960s, because in addition to writing and directing three films emblematic of the genre with “Adiós Gringo” (1965) with Giuliano Gemma, “Gentleman Killer” (1967) and “Beyond the Law” (1968), he also wrote screenplays for “A Silver Dollar” (1965) by Giorgio Ferroni and “$1,000 on the Black” (1966 ) by Alberto Cardone .
In the 1970s he became involved in the erotic genre, both soft and dramatic, directing Ornella Muti in “Il sole nella pelle” (1971) and Eleonora Giorgi in “Disposta a tutto” (1977), his last film as a director.
Today we celebrate Giorgio Stegani’s 85th birthday

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  1. sarei felice se potessi entrare in contatto email con Giorgio: sono Paolo Forti, figlio di Sara Stegani .
    si ricorda ?