Monday, October 28, 2013

Remembering Tina De Mola

Ernesta ‘Tina’ De Mola was born on October 28, 1923 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Driven by her family she attended school and began to cultivate a passion for singing. In 1941 she won a competition for new voices that lead to performing in vaudeville in which she increasingly appeared in musical roles and is exposed to the public as a singer.
Tina then was given her own TV show by RAI in 1956. She then joined a theater company where she met Renato Rascel who later became her husband. As a couples she performs with him in the film “Pazzo d'amore” (1942) and then follows in numerous films such as “Quanto è possibile”, “Il ragno d'oro” and “Allegretto”. In 1945 he also participates in “Settenote” along with the Nava Sisters.
In the theatrical season 1946/47 she returns to work with her husband in “Cominciò con Caino e Abele” by Michael Galdieri and then “Il cielo è tornato sereno” from which she sings the song ‘Poison’.
In 1948 he joined the cast of the show “Oklabama” by Mario Amendola with Erminio Macario and then joined the company of Ugo Tognazzi making his debut with the show “Quel treno si chiama desiderio” by Giovanni D'Anzi . Working in Germany in a German version of “Buondì zia Margherita” before heading out on a tour in Mexico with the play “Carnival of Venice”. She then quits the company starting a tour of South America with a show of songs that will take her to Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia .
In 1954 he returned to Italy where she reunites with the now ex-husband Renato Rascel to appear in the films “Attanasio cavallo vanesio” and “Alvaro piuttosto corsaro”. In 1959 she appeared in her only Euro-western “The Sheriff” as Dolly.
She then moved onto television and appears in show which are reminiscent from her theater revues.
De Mola died on April 18, 2012 in Rome.
Today we remember Tina De Mola on what would have been her 90th birthday.

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