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The Savage Guns

The Savage Guns – U.K. title
Tierra brutal – Spanish title
Pistolas salvaje – Spanish title
Julma ase – Finnish title
La chevauchée des outlaws – French title
Bis auf Blut – German title
Mehris aimatos – Greek title
I fourlegge della valle solitaries – Italian title
A 1961 British, Spanish co-production [Capricorn (London), Tecisa (Madrid)]
Producers: José G. Maesso (José Gutiérrez Maesso), Jimmy Sangster (James Sangster)
Director: Michael Carreras
Story: Edmund Morris, Jose G. Morris (José Gutiérrez Maesso)
Screenplay: Edmund Morris, José G. Morris (José Gutiérrez Maesso), Jimmy Sangster
Cinematography: Alfredo Fraile (Alfredo Peña) [Metrocolor, MetroScope]
Music: Antón García Abril
Running time: 112 minutes
Steve Fallon – Richard Basehart (John Basehart)
Mike Summers – Don Taylor (Donald Taylor)
Danny Post/Pose – Alex Nicol (Alexander Nicol, Jr.)
Franchea – Paquita Rico (Francisca Martinez)
Don Herman/Hernan – Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Juana – María Granada (Manolita Lopez)
Ortega – José Nieto
Gonzalez – Rafael Albaicin (Ignacio Escudero)
Sanchez – Victor Bayo
Sanchez’s wife – Pilar Caballero
Sanchez’s son – José Luis Martín
Manolo – Francisco Camoiras
Captain Baez – Antonio Fuentes
Paco – Félix Fernández (Félix Garcia)
Segura – José Manuel Martín
Gomez – Manolo Peña
Ruiz – Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso González)
Priest – Rafael Vaquero
Alcalde – Sergio Mendizábal
cantina owner – Xan das Bolas (Tomás Peña)
Mexicans – Andrés Pajares, Miguel de la Riva
Ortega henchman - José Riesgo, Miguel Pedregosa
With: Victor Israel (José Vilanova), Fernando Sánchez Polack
Stunts – Miguel Pedregosa

Near the Arizona Territory, in a small valley in the Mexican state of Sonora around 1870, Steve Fallon, a drifter and gun-for-hire, is seriously wounded while on the trail and is found by Mike Summers and his wife, Franchea. He is taken into their home and, while recovering, he learns that a local land baron, Ortega, is pressuring local ranchers to sell their land to him with the help of Danny Post and his gang of outlaws. Fallon also develops feelings for Fanchea's sister, Juana.
Mike Summers, a former Confederate officer, had become a pacifist following his experiences during the American Civil War. Refusing to even wear a gun, he is defenseless when Post arrives at the ranch to collect "protection" money. Confronted by Fallon, Post is disarmed and loses to Fallon in a brawl. He is eventually run out of town after a gunfight with Fallon ends with three of his companions dead.
Ortega responds by taking over the gang himself and leading a raid against the Summers ranch and has Fallon's hands crushed under a wagon. Danny Post soon returns, under the belief that Fallon has been killed, and turns on Ortega murdering his former employer. Riding to the Summers ranch, he sees the helpless Fallon and threatens to shoot him when Summers grabs a nearby gun and kills Post in order to save Fallon's life.
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