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Sapevano solo uccidere – Italian title
Eul  contre les mercenaries – French title
Mein Leben für die Rache – German title
Ixeran mono na skotonoun – Greek title
Saguaro – Spanish title
Solo sabian matar – Spanish title
I’ll Die for Vengeance – English title
Saguaro – English title
A 1968 Italian production [Danny Film (Rome)]
Producers: Mario Caporal, Kelijko Kunkera
Director: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Story: Mario Moroni, Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Screenplay: Mario Moroni, Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Cinematography: Fausto Rossi [Eastmancolo, Totalscope]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angleo Francesco Lavagnino)
Running time: 110 minutes
Jeff Smart – Kirk Morris (Adriano Bellini)
Saguaro/Doctor Campbell – Larry Ward
Pedro – Alan Steel (Sergio Ciani)
Clayton Foster – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Kathy/Katy – Kim Arden (Gisella Arden)
Julie – Dada Gallotti (Alba Gallotti)
Meg – Anna Castor
Hernando Lopez – Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia)
Julie’s father – Luciano Bonanni
Stagecoach driver – Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani)
Bronco - Aldo Cecconi
Housekeeper - Rosanna Rovere
With: Attilio Marra

Jeff Smart and his friend Hernandez, are traveling to their homes when they are attacked by a band of "Mexicans", acting under orders from a boss that is known only the name Saguaro. In the clash, Hernandez dies, while Jeff, wounded in the shoulder, is saved by hiding in the waters of a pond. Smart is healed after the care of a woman, who welcomed him into her home, Jeff leaves for Lake City in search of the "Mexican", which he believes is also guilty of the murder of his parents. In the town after a duel with the gunman Clayton Foster, Jeff, at the request of the citizens, is appointed sheriff, and in this capacity unmasks the mysterious Saguaro, eliminating him along with his whole gang.
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