Monday, February 6, 2012

Who Are Those Guys? - Victor Bayo

Víctor Bayo is/was a Spanish supporting and character actor. Little information is available on him or his career. His first documented film appearance was “Stärker als die Nacht” (1954) and his last appearance was in “Um Amor na Alemanha” (1983). In between he made over 30 film and television appearances. He’s probably best remembered by Spaghetti Western fans as Jeremiah Pitt the bartender in “The Return of Ringo” (1965). Bayo appeared in small roles in six other Euro-westerns. Where Victor was born or if he’s still living is unknown.

BAYO, Víctor [Spanish] - TV actor.
Savage Guns – 1961 (Sanchez)
Charge of the 7th – 1964
Ride and Kill – 1964 (neighbor)
The Last Tomahawk - 1965
Outlaw of Red River – 1965 (bandido)
The Return of Ringo – 1965 (Jeremiah Pitt)
Who Killed Johnny Ringo - 1966


  1. This actor was my father who recently die, I have been so surprised to read your comments, he stopped his career in 1967 to enter a Flying Company and stopped making movies. He also did a lot of adverts becaase he was very goodlooking and had beatitul eyes; I love him

  2. So sorry for your loss Magdalena. Thanks so much for your reply to my post. Please leave what ever biographical information you can on your father so I can update my datebase. Gracias.