Thursday, February 23, 2012


Vamos a matar Sartana! – Italian title
Demasiados muertos Tex – Spanish title
Allons tuer Sartana – French title
Skotoste ton Sartana – Greek title
Let’s Go and Kill Sartana – English title

A 1971 Italian, Spanish co-production [Marco Claudio Cinematografica (Rome), ABC Cinematográfica, Transcontinental Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Marco Claudio
Director: Peter Landers (Mario Pinzauti), George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Story: Marco Masi
Screenplay: Marco Masi, Ralf Marin (Rafael Marina)
Cinematography: Giovanni Raffaldi, Jaime Deu Casas [Telecolor, widescreen]
Music: Pat Bodie (José Espeita)
Running time: 95 minutes

Nebraska Clay/Tex - George Martin (Francisco Martinez)
Sheriff Chet Hammer – Isarco Ravaioli
Greg ‘The Crazy Person’ Matto – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Lena – Virginia Rodin
Carol/Lucy – Monica Taber (Monique Taber)
Old man – Pajarito (Murriz Brandariz)
With: Frank Braña (Francisco Perez Pérez), Chris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva), Daniel Martin (José Martínez), Claudio Trinofi, Robert Danish (Roberto Danesi), Dick Foster (Vincenzo Maggio), Johnny Fairen (Juan Farre), Mercedes Rivas, Fernando Bilbao, Raúl Aparici, Sergio Aparici

 Attacked by five men, young Nebraska Clay manages to foil the ambush killing his attackers. The Sheriff, Carol's brother and the girlfriend of Clay, is not entirely convinced that the young man killed in self-defense, and puts him under arrest. In jail, Clay meets an outlaw known as "The Crazy Person", which is about to be hanged for murder. When the henchmen of the "The Crazy Person" break into the jail and free their friend, Clay takes advantage of the situation and escapes with them. Pursued by the sheriff, the bandits and Clay begin a long march to a distant mission which holds a fabulous treasure. Clashes with law enforcement and disputes between members of the gang (each of which is eliminated and sharing in the treasure), the lone survivors are Clay and Lena, former mistress of the gang leader. Finding the treasure, Lena also tries to get rid of Clay; unsuccessful, she tries to escape with the precious cargo, but meets a terrible death sinking in quicksand. Finally the sheriff determine Clay had the right to defend himself during the attack is freed and marries Carol.


  1. This film was rearranged for the Spanish market in 1973 as ''Demasiados muertos para Tex'' and credited to George Martin as director in an all-English-sounding-names-staff-and-cast.

  2. Correct Fatman. Although I listed "Demasiados muertos para Tex" as an alternative title it is a revised version of the film and released in Spain with Martin as sole director and a different ad campaign.