Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 65th Birthday Henry Hübchen

Henry Hübchen was born on February 20, 1947 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany. Henry graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch" in East Berlin. He was one of the most distinguished actors of the GDR. He became known especially for his successful collaboration with the theater director Frank Castorf at the Berlin Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz. He has appeared in numerous films and television films which shows his versatility as an actor. Even as a child and teenager, he worked in television and feature films - for example in 1965 in a small supporting role in the first DEFA India film Indians “The Sons of Great Bear”. For the group City, he composed several songs including the song from the album of the same name Casablanca. In 1981 and 1982 Hübchen was DDR Champion "board sailing." His best known movies are “Wende sind Sonnenallee” , directed by Leander Haussmann,”Lichter”, directed by Hans-Christian Schmid and “Alles auf Zucker!” directed by Dani Levy, for which he was honored in 2005 with the German Film Award for Best Actor. In the GDR Hübchen played together in the movie “Jakob the Liar” by Frank Beyer based on the novel by Jurek Becker. Hubchen was also the German cartoon voice of Winnetou in “Die Spur führt zum Silbersee” (1989). His daughter Theresa Hübchen is also an actress. Today we celebrate Henry Hübchen’s 65th birthday.

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