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Lawman – English title
Mato em Nome da Lei – Brazilian title
Jeg er loven – Dannish title
Lainvaloja – Finnish title
L’homme de la loi – French title
Lawman – German title
O anthropos tou nomou – Greek title
A törvény nevében – Hungarian title
Io sono la legge – Italian title
Yo so la ley – Mexican title
Szeryf – Polish title
O Homem da Lei Portuguese title
En nombre de la ley – Spanish title
Fargligste Gun-Fighter – Swedish title
Lagens män – Swedish title
Kanun Adami – Turkish title
Covek zakona – Yugoslavian title
Lawman – U.S.A. title

A 1971 U.S., British co-production [Scimitar Productions (London/New York)]
Producer: Michael Winner
Director: Michael Winner
Story: Gerald Wilson
Screenplay: Gerald Wilson
Cinematography: Robert Paynter [Color by Deluxe]
Music: Jerry Fielding (Joshua Fielding]
Running time: 99 minutes

Marshal Jared Maddox – Burt Lancaster (Burton Lancaster)
Marshal Cotton Ryan – Robert Ryan
Vincent Bronson – Lee J. Cobb (Lee Jacoby)
Vernon Adams – Robert Duvall
Laura Shelby – Sheree North (Dawn Crang)
Lucas – Joseph Wiseman
Hurd Price – J.D. Cannon (John Donovan Cannon)
Harvey Stenbaugh – Albert Salmi (Alfred Salmi)
Crowe Wheelwright – Richard Jordan
Mayor Sam Bolden – John McGiver
Jack Dekker – Ralph Waite
Jason Bronson – John Beck
Choctaw Lee – William C. Watson
Luther Harris – Walter Brooke
Hersham – Robert Emhardt
Minister – Charles Tyner
Cobden – Lou Frizzel (Louis Firzzel, Jr.)
Dusaine – Richard Bull
Totts – John Hillerman
Bartender – Roy Engel
L.G. Moss – Hugh McDermott
Marc Corman – Bill Brimley (Anthony Brimley)
Lon – Lance Hool
Razor – Conrad Hool
Marc Corman – Wilford Brimley
Saloon girls - Jacqueline Evans, Laila Novak (Laila Nyborg)
With: Jan Burrell, Joyce Perry, Tina Carter, Madeleine Taylor Holmes

 When a lawman, Jared Maddox from Bannock, arrives in Sabbath to arrest all the cattlemen whose wild celebration the year before resulted in the accidental death of an old man all hell breaks loose. The local Marshal is unwilling to help him go up against the largest cattleman in the region. The cattleman Vincent Bronson is not accustomed to being ordered around refuses to send the wanted men back to Bannock because of the hardships placed upon him and his men over the death of an old man. Maddox lives by the word of the law and tracks down each wanted man until he faces Bronson and his remaining men in face-off on the main street of Sabbath. In the end Maddox leaves with no one while Sabbath is left with a dozen new graves in it’s cemetery.
[An alternate version ends with Laura Shelby shooting Maddox in the back with a shotgun as he rides out of town.]


  1. imdb has listed LAWMAN as filmed in Mexico.
    Is this correct /


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