Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Are Those Guys? - Felipe Arriaga

Born José Luis Aguilar Oseguera on September 27, 1937 in Cotijo de La Paz, Mexico. One of 11 children he left school and took a job as a shoe maker to help support his family. His family moved to Mexico City and José became a Mariachi singer working with Don Gerardo. He became close friends with Mexican Ranchera singer Vicente Fernandez and the two promoted and helped each others careers. Changing his name to Felipe Arriaga he made several LPs and 20 films. At the height of his career Felipe was killed under mysterious circumstances in Mexico City while dining with his family at a popular restaurant. Arriaga made one Spaghetti Western “La Revancha” (Now My Pistols Speak) directed by Aldo Sambrell and starring Emilio Fernandez.

ARRIAGA, Felipe (José Luis Aguilar Oseguera) [9/27/1937, Cotija de La Paz, Michoacan, Mexico – 11/3/1988,Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico (murdered)] - singer.
Now My Pistols Speak – 1980


  1. Was he related to the Oseguera family in neighboring Tinguindin, M ichoacan?

  2. I remembering him coming to sing in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area in the early 70's. There was a huge Mexican community there.

  3. I heard a rumor that another famous Mariachi singer at that time hired a hitman because he felt his career threatened by Felipe arriaga, whom was having.more success and wanted to eliminate his competition.

    1. That is exactlly what is the popular theory. Vicente Fernandez to be exact. He was helped by Arriaga only to payed back with this.

  4. The rumor i heard here in texas was that he was murdered by cartel