Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Ken Wood

Giovanni Cianfriglia was born on April, 5, 1935 in Anzio, Italy. We know him better as Ken Wood, famous Italian actor and stuntman. He is the brother of actor/stuntman Domenico Cianfriglia. Giovanni is a former swimmer and boxer and when Steve Reeves injured his shoulder after his first Hercules film, Ken was hired to double him in most of his future films. Since his start in films in 1958 as a stuntman Ken has appeared in over 100 films, many of them Euro-westerns. Never a leading actor, Ken usually played villains or friends of the star. He appeared in such westerns as “Killer Kid” (1967), “Bury Them Deep” (1968), “Kill Them all and Come Back Alone” (1968), “Drummer of Vengeance” (1971), and “Keoma” (1975) to name a few. He also acted in Crime and Peplum films using such aliases as Phil Karson, Jody Wanger and John Richmond. Today we celebrate Ken Wood's 75th birthday.

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