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Blauvogel – German title
Prietenii mei, indienii – Romanian title
Porwany przez Indian – Polish title
Blue Hawk – English title

A 1979 East German, Romanian production [DEFA (East Berlin), Buftea-Studios (Bucharest)]
Producer: Hans-Erich Busch
Director: Ulrich Weiß
Story: Anna Jürgen (Anna Mujller-Tannewitz)
Screenplay: Ulrich Weiß, Gerd Gericke
Cinematography: Otto Hanish [color]
Music: Peter Rabenalt
Running time: 96 minutes

George/Blue Hawk as a boy - Robin Jaeger
George/Blue Hawk as a man - Gabriel Oseciuc (Gabriel Marian)
Mildred Ruster - Jutta Hoffmann
John Ruster - Kurt Böwe
Andrew - Jan Spitzer
Mittagssonne - Ileana Mavrodineanu
Kleinbär - Gheorge Patru
Fuchs - Gheorge Haliu
Malia as a child - Niculina Ursaru
Malia - Anca Szonyi
White Hair - Petrut Traian
Rauchiger Day - Valentin Loghin
Kidnappers - Adrian Mihai, Vasile Popa
Bote - Alexandru Platon
Maler - George Catlin (Jörg Foth)
Archie - Egon Günther
with; Violeta Andrei, Gerd Nissler, Niculae Peniuc, Razvan Vasilescu, Ion Angelescu-Moreni, Anja Scheinert, Marina Krogull, Carl-Hermann Risse, Norbert Speer

Based on the Anna Jürgen novel, George, the ten year old son of English settlers living in Ohio, in midwestern America of 1850 after the conclusion of the French and Indian Wars, is kidnapped by a native tribe and taken to their village. He is raised by the Iriquois chief who has lost his own son. He is stripped, painted black and held under water, as part of his initiation into the tribe. Renamed "Blauvogel" (Blue Hawk), he spends the next several years being raised by the Indians, who prove to be kind and probably more virtuous than the Europeans from which he came. Eventually, he is returned to his English family, but finds the readjustment difficult, particularly as they do not have the same respect for nature as the American natives.

Youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eAKLPS-VDc

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