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Un dollaro bucato – Italian title
Le dollar troué – French title
Un dólar marcado – Argentinean title
Dollari hengestä – Finnish title
Ein Loch im Dollar – German title
Ena trypio dollario – Greek title
One Silver Dollar of Wilderness – Japanese title
Um dólar furado – Portuguese title
Un dólar agujereado – Spanish title
Den Genomskjutna Dollarn – Swedish title
One Silver Dollar – U.K. title
Die Now Pay Later – English title
Blood on a Silver Dollar – English title
Blood for a Silver Dollar – English title

A 1965 Italian, French co-production [Dorica Film/Explorer ‘58/Fono Film (Rome), Les
Films Corona (Paris)]
Producer: Bruno Turchetto, Dario Montanari, Federico Galliani, Giulio Sbarigia, Alberto Dionisi, Robert Dorfmann
Director: Kelvin Jackson Padget (Giorgio Ferroni)
Story: George Finley (Giorgio Stegani)
Screenplay: George Finley (Giorgio Stegani), Calvin Jackson Padget (Giorgio Ferroni)
German dialogue: Horst Sommer
Cinematography: Tony Dry (Antoni Secchi) [Eastmancolor, Cinemascope]
Music: Gianni Ferrio (Giovanni Ferrio)
Song: “A Man…A Story” sung by Fred Bongusto (Alfredo Bongusto)
Song: “Give Me Back” sung by Lidia MacDonald (Lydia McDonald)
Running time: 96 minutes

Gary O’Hara - Montgomery Wood (Giuliano Gemma)
Judy O’Hara - Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli)
McCory/Max Cory/McCoy/Aloysius MacKenzie - Peter Cross (Pierre Cressoy)
Buddy - Alfredo Rizzo
Phillip/Phil “Blackie” O’Hara - Nicholas St. John/Nick Anderson (Nazzareno Zamperla)
Peter - Tor Altmayer (Tullio Altamura)
Brad - Max Dean (Massimo Righi)
Sheriff George Anderson - Frank Farrel (Francisco Fantasia)
Slim - Andrew Scott (Andrea Scotti)
Donaldson - John MacDouglas (Giuseppe Addobbati)
Jim - Benny Reeves (Benito Stefanelli)
henchmen – Peter Surtess (Giovanni Pazzafini), Sal Borgese (Salvatore Borgese), Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla), Jack Rocha (Moisés Rocha), Jean/John Martin (Gino Marturano), Frank Liston (Franco Lantieri)
with; Benny Farber (Bernard Farber), Luigi Tosi, Pietro Ceccarelli, Bruno Arié, Fortunato Arena, Giulio Maculani, Osiride Pevarello

Former Confederate Army Captain, Gary O'Hara, is sent home after the end of the Civil War with the barrel of his gun cut off. This joke by the Union soldiers will become a vital part of the story later on in the film. O'Hara now wants to start a new life in the West with his wife Judy but has a difficult time finding a job. Gary stumbles into the town of Yellowstone, where he's offered a job by McCory/McCoy who in the sheriff's absense wants Gary to bring in a an outlaw named Blackie. When the two meet O'Hara recognizes the outlaw to be his own brother Phil. Too late he is shot but saved from death by a silver dollar he was carrying in his breast pocket. Blackie is then gunned down by Mc'Coy's henchmen. When the smoke clears Gary learns Blackie wasn't a criminal but had been hired by the local townspeople to protect them from McCoy and his henchmen. Returning home to recover from his wound he learns his wife has fallen into the hands of McCory/McCoy. He tries to get the sheriff to help but finds out he is just another henchman of McCory/McCoy's. Gary on his own cleans-up the town, faces off in a duel with the ringleader and this is were the sawed-off gun barrel comes into play. O'Hara gains the respect of the town and is able to begin that new life with his wife by his side.

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  1. Marturano and Lantieri are henchmen...Pedro Sanchez is the man who save the life of Gary O ' Hara ...when everybody believe him dead .

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