Monday, February 23, 2009

Toscano Cigars

Expertly and insightfully handmade in Italy, Toscano cigars are a tough cigar for tough people. This cigar has roots that trace all the way back to 1818 when it was first introduced in Lucca, which is in the Tuscany region of Italy. As time moved forward, Toscano cigars became famous in the 1960s thanks to Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood who lit these little rewards up in his $ films. Whether you are looking for Toscani, long slim cigars, or Toscanelli half the length and the ones Clint smoked, one thing is certain, you are making an impeccable choice. Whether you are interested in a smaller sized cigar or a larger cigar, Toscano cigars have everything you need in a quality smoking experience. I’ve smoked both and the longer Toscani’s are cheaper and you can always cut them in half. Smoke one with a shot of tequila, like I did one evening with Aldo Sambrell, and you’ll never forget the experience.


  1. It's fun to see a picture of happy-looking Clint with a Toscanelli in his hand. This is what he tought of them when Fisful of Dollars was being filmed:

    According to Eastwood, the foul-tasting cigars often helped him create the dark and menacing moods for his scenes: "If I had to be in an unpleasant frame of mind, I took a couple of draws and, boy, I was right there", the actor said. (1)

    (1) Quoted from Clint Eastwood: Hollywood's Loner by Michael Munn, 1992

    Well, people chance and tastes chance with time. Maybe he really likes them these days? ;)

    (damn system lost my last post)

  2. ...I'm curious to try one now..and a little Tequila too..well..its never "a little" with me!

  3. Remember Clint was a non-smoker in those days and they probably tasted as bad to him as he says. I was really surprised when I first had one that they were not as strong as I expected them to be.

  4. It's surprising to hear that Clint was a non-smoker back then since "Clint the stranger" wearing a poncho and smoking a cigar is pretty much the embodiment of spaghetti westerns.

    Come to think of it, did Steffen ever smoke? I have seen a majority of his westerns but can't think of one with him smoking. Maybe my memory just fails me...

  5. Yes Steffen smoked, at least in several of his films. I remember him lighting dynamite several times with a cigar.

  6. There is a Pennsylvania company that makes these cigars. My grandfather smoked them people called them "Guinea Stinkers" back then. If I remember, I'll bring some with me to Tombstone.