Friday, February 20, 2009

The Advntures of Deadwood Dick

The Adventures of Deadwood Dick – English title

A 1915 British film series [Ideal (London)]
Producer: G.B. Samuelson
Director: Fred Paul, L.C. MacBean
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time: 2,000’

Dick Harris - Fred Paul
girl - Joan Ferry

This early silent six-part film series featured the adventures of an Englishman Richard Harris, who journeys to the Wild West for adventure, and proves himself as tough as any true Westerner. The West is seen as a testing ground of macho toughness, and Englishmen, though they would always necessarily be outsiders, could either be seen to be as surprisingly tough as their American cousins when it came time to the crunch or completely different.

Titles included: “How Richard Harris Became Known as Deadwood Dick”, “Deadwood Dick’s Vengeance”, “Deadwood Dick and the Mormons”, “Deadwood Dick Spoils Brigham Young”, “Deadwood Dick’s Red Ally”, “Deadwood Dick’s Detective Pard”.


  1. I want to see this, the whole series, do you know where I can purchase?

  2. Good luck finding any Silent Films on DVD, especially westerns. I have no idea where you could find it unless it was on e-bay by some non-commercial seller.