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Indio Black, sei che ti dico… sei un gran figlio di… - Italian title
Gran figlio di… - Italian title
Adios Sabata - Danish title
Indio Black – Spanish title
Adios Sabata – French title
Adios Sabata – German title
Sabata 2 – German title
Adios, Sabata – Finnish title
Adeus Sabata – Portuguese title
The Bounty Hunters – U.K. title
Indio Sabata – English title
The Bounty Killers – English title
Adios, Sabata - U.S.A. title

A 1970 Italian production [P.E.A. Cinematography (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Grimaldi
Director: Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini)
Story: Renato Izzo, Gianfranco Parolini
Screenplay: Gianfranco Parolini, Renato Izzo
Cinematography: Sandro Mancori [DeLuxe Color, Techniscope]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Running time: 106 minutes

Indio Black/Sabata - Yul Brynner (Yuliy Bryner)
Ballantine - Dean Reed
Escudo - Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla)
Colonel Skimmel - Gérard Herter (Gerhard Herter)
Septiembre - Sal Borgese (Salvatore Borgese)
Ocaño - Franco Fantasia
Folgen - Gianni Rizzo (Giovanni Rizzo)
Manuel - Salvatore Billa
Juan de los Angeles - Massimo Carocci
Gitano - Joseph Persaud (Giuseppe Pollini)
Jesus - Omar Bonaro
José - Andrea Scotti
Juanito - Luciano Casamonica
barman - Vittorio Fanfoni
Hertz - Bruno Corazzari
1st Lieutenant Stejar - Vitti Caronia
Mexican - Franco Marletta
Mexican woman - Lina Franchi
Major Matternich - Antonio Gradoli
Graduato - Thomas Kerr (Giuseppe Castellano)
Geroll - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Perdido - Johnny Nation (Giovanni Siragusa)
Adjutant Ocaño - Andrea Aureli
Chief Eagle Pass - Calisto Calisti
Cortejo - Thomas Rudy (Tomas Rudi)
Garcia - Furio Pellerani
Mexican revolutionary - Stefano Rizzo
saloon singer - Susan Scott (Nieves Navarro)
Austrian agent - Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia)
bounty hunter agency manager - Angel Alvarez
Murdock - Furio Meniconi
runt - José Galera Balazote
bearded village - Elio Angelucci
Murdock Brothers vs Sabata duel observers - José Canalejas, Fortunato Arena
with; Armando Bottin

Indio Black is out to find a treasure in gold which is in the hands of the Austrians who have taken over Mexico. His intent is to steal it for a band of Mexican Revolutionaries set against overthrowing the Austrian invaders. He has several allies, Escudo, Septeimbre and Gitano to help him and a swindler Ballantine, who is on the inside but who is out to get the gold for himself. A series of events leads to Indio Black’s stealing the gold from the evil Colonel Skimmel, played expertly by Gerard Herter. Reed will grate on your nerves after awhile but overall this film is rated top drawer.

Although called “Adios, Sabata” this isn’t really a Sabata film. It should stand on it’s own merits and can so very easily. Brynner is excellent as the main character ‘Indio Black’ and it’s too bad he didn’t make a series of these films like the Sabata and Sartana ones. Top of the line production values with great sets and costumes, a nice supporting cast and a fantastic score by Bruno Nicolai make for enjoyable viewing.

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