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Adiós gringo – Italian title
Adios gringo – Spanish title
Adiós gringo – French title
Gringo - Skyd fra hoften - Danish title
Zegnaj, Gringo – Polish title
Adeus Gringo - Portuguese title
Adios Gringo – English title

A 1965 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [Dorica Films/Explorer Film ‘58/Fono
Films (Rome), Trebol Films CC (Madrid), Les Films Corona (Paris)]
Producer: Bruno Turchetto
Director: George Finley (Giorgio Stegani)
Story: “Adios” by Harry Whittington
Screenplay: José Luis Jerez, Michele Villerot, George Finley (Giorgio Stegani), Remigo del Grosso
Cinematography: Francisco Sempere [Eastmancolor, DoryScope]
Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
Song: “Adiós Gringo” sung by Fred Bongusto
Running time: 100 minutes

Brett Landers - Giuliano Gemma
Lucy Tillson - Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli)
Doctor Vern Barfield - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Sheriff Tex Slaughter - Jesús Puente
Deputy Sid Fellon - Sterling Rengel
Avery Ranchester - Max Dean (Massimo Righi)
Clayton Ranchester - Peter Cross (Pierre Cressoy)
Stan Clevenger - Grant Laramy (Germano Longo)
Mike Murphy - Jean Martin (Gino Marturano)
Maude Clevenger - Monique Saint Clare
Gil Clawson/Jack Dawson - Ted Carter (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Ranchester cowboys - Francisco Braña (Francisco Perez), Osiride Peverello
with: Clyde Geryll (Claude Servyll), Frank Pascal (François Pascal), Ramón Pérez, Mimo Billi (Giacomo Billi), Antonio Iranzi (Antonio Escorihuela)

Brett Landers unknowingly buys a herd of stolen cattle from an old friend Gil Clawson. When he rides into town he is accused of theft by the rightful owner of the herd Clayton Ranchester. When he is almost lynched he shoots and kills Ranchester and runs for his life. He is now wanted by the law and must find the real cattle thief, Clawson, to prove his innocence. Coming across Lucy Tillson who has been raped and left in the desert to die he rescues her and takes her to Doc Barfield to recover. Brett can’t go to Sheriff Slaughter because he wants to collect the reward on his head. Brett is faced with protecting Lucy, finding the cattle thief and most of all staying alive. This was one of if not the first Spaghetti Western to use the falsely accused theme where the hero has to escape from the law and prove his innocence. It would be used countless times in the years ahead. Although an early entry into the genre and looking very American in style, “Adiós Gringo” has enough pasta touches to please even the strictest of Spaghetti purists.

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Japanese 45 rpm single Seven Seas FONIT #HIT 1439
Courtesy of Yoshi


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  2. Portuguese title: ADEUS GRINGO
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  3. I made the addition and corrected the post. I will need your help on Portuguese titles on further posts. Thanks Antonio

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    "Verne" as Doctor Barfields first name
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  6. Danish title:

    Gringo - Skyd fra hoften (transl.: Gringo - Shoot from the Hip)

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