Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Essential European Western Library

Over time I hope to post many of the books essential in both researching and enjoying the European Western genre.

Up first:

Seul au monde dans le western italiaen
By Gian Lhassa in collaboration with Michel Lequeux
Publisher Grand Angle ASBL

3 volumes
Volume 1: Une poignee de themes 1983 (156 pages)
Volume 2: Des homes seuls – 1987 (238 pages)
Volume 3: Dictionaire du western italien – 1983 (192 pages)

Volume 3 which I is pictured, is the prize and the one you should try and get your hands on. The other books are also excellent but Volume 3 is the book which you can use for research purposes as it lists the film titles in Italian and also lists directors, screenwriters, actors and composers. The other 2 volumes get into retrospection of the films and the personnel.

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  1. Three years ago, these three books were still avalaible from the publisher, Grand Angle, a movie art house from Belgium. Unfortunately, their site is inactive right now.
    Copies are sometime sold on -- at a stiff price, if I remember well. And volumes 1 and 2 are invaluable if you read French.