Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? - Marcel Bozzuffi

Marcel Louis Edouard Bozzuffi was born in Renes, Rennes, Île- et Vilaine, Bretagne, France on October 28, 1928. After a childhood spent in Brittany, he moved to Paris and enrolled at the Cours Simon. Bozzuffi has also written and directed a film “The American” (1969), three films and a collection of stories (Forfana - Stories, were published posthumously in 1990.

On the screen, he appeared in "supporting roles" to Raymond Bussiere, Robert Dalban and many others, that marked so deeply French cinema. Although often confined to roles either as a policeman or gangster which he usually presented dark and disturbing tones, Marcel Bozzuffi broke out of these roles in the 1980s and in stark contrast was labeled as an evil character as that of a homosexual in “Identification d'une femme” by Antonioni. He also acted for other directors including Jean Gabin “Gas-Oil” and “Du Rififi à Paname”.

He also gave of his deep voice to dubbing roles, including that of Paul Newman and Charles Bronson. He was also the voice of Lucky Luke in Daisy Town.

In 1963, he married the actress Françoise Fabian with whom he lived until his death. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage and was buried not far from Jean Poiret and Philippe Noiret at Montparnasse cemetery (7th division) in Paris.

BOZZUFFI, Marcel (Marcel Louis Edouard Bozzuffi) [10/28/1928, Renes, Rennes, Île- et‑Vilaine, Bretagne, France - 2/2/1988, Paris, Île-de- France-France (cerebral hemorrhage)] - director, screenwriter, stage, TV, voice actor, married to actress Françoise Fabian [1933-    ] (1963-1988).
Lucky Luke: Daisy Town - 1971 [voice of Lucky Luke]
Chino - 1973 (Maral)

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