Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Andrés Macho finishes filming the short film of the western genre 'Rédito maldito'

The film is based on a true story, the last 48 hours of life of a legendary gunslinger

Diario del Almeria

By Diego Martínez

June 29, 2024

About to premiere in his homeland, Benahadux, Blessing, blood and mother-of-pearl, on July 20, the Benaducense filmmaker Andrés Macho (Macho Films) has finished his latest work, Rédito maldito. An audiovisual work produced without means that has been made during May 19 and June 9 in Rambla Honda and Rancho Majuelo (owned by the director himself), both stages located in the municipality of Benahadux.

The film, which will be presented if everything goes as expected at the Almería Western Film Festival, has in its cast José Antonio Carreño Fernández (Toni Carre), Raquel Herrería, Diego Miranda and Laura Felices as main actors, four regular names in the director's works; and with Rubén García Felices, José and Darío Corral (father and son), Manuel López García and Rafael Doménech, among other secondary but no less important.

Macho wants to emphasize that he only works with artists from Almeria and affirms that his priority is, above all, to sign new people, which is why he has counted on the photographer Rubén García Felices for this film in his debut as a supporting actor.

“Cursed Revenue” is a western-themed short film based on a true story that took place in the early twentieth century in the midst of the decline of the Far West. The plot tells the story of the last 48 hours of life of a legendary gunslinger (whose director does not want to reveal his name yet) who went from being a national hero to becoming a character hated by his people, to end up dying unexpectedly without pain or glory in misery.

However, the film "is not a typical shooting western," says its director, Andrés Macho, "but a drama with more dialogue than action." And it is that Macho focuses mainly on the message of how a hero can become nothing.

The filming and editing team is made up of Miguel Montoya Sánchez (Mírame Almería) as head of camera, editing and editing, and Nuria Campos and Nazaret Prados as camera assistants. The music is also by Miguel Montoya who, as is already known, is a great composer and singer-songwriter from Almeria.

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