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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Paco Michel


Jesús Flores Pereyra was born in Cuezalán, Puebla, Mexico on January 7, 1930. Known as Paco Michel he was a composer of popular songs, animator and actor.

Paco Michel spent a number of his teenage years working in the United States, where he began his musical career. He often worked shows with Margerita Sanchez (Gloria Becker) including playing together once in Idaho around 1948. They were hired by JR Simplot to entertain migrant farm workers.

He returned to Mexico in 1950 and by mid-decade was starting to appear on TV and in films like Caras nuevas. Michel wrote around 250 songs including "Ay Chabela" and "Creo en tí."

Paco was also an animator of television programs outside of Mexico. For two years he conducted La hora de Paco Michel in Cuba. In Spain it had a similar program that lasted almost five years. During his stay in Spain he directed the record label Pamidisc.

He is remembered for songs such as: 'Yo, El Aventurero', 'Te Vas A Casar', 'Contrato', '¡Qué rechulo es el amor!', 'Mari Carmen', 'En Tu Recuerdo' and what was his Greatest success, 'Y Háblame'.

He died on December 25, 1977, in Mexico City. His real name was Jesús Francisco Flores Pereyra.

Paco Michel sang two songs “Rosita”, “Corrido of Joaquin Murieta” which were featured in the 1963 Spaghetti western “Murieta! starry Jeffrey Hunter.

MICHEL, Paco (aka Fco. A. Michel) (Jesús Flores Pereyra) [1/7/1930, Cuezalán, Puebla, Mexico – 12/25/1977, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico] – animator, writer, composer, songwriter, singer, actor, married to Mari Carmen Hernandez father of three children, married to Patricia R. Adame (19??-1977) father of one child.

Murieta! 1963 [sings: “Rosita”, “Corrido of Joaquin Murieta”]

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