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Kaskaderski spomenar

Kaskaderski spomenar – Croatian title


A 2004 Croation documentary production [Hrvatska Televizija (HTV)]

Producer: Hrvatska Radiotelevizija Hrt

Director: Mladen Santric

Story: Mladen Santric

Photography: [color]


Running time: 28 minutes


Story: A documentary with Croatian stuntmen who talk about making films in the 1960s.



Miroslav Buhin, Nikola Gec, Ivo Krištof, Mladen Ptičar

Nikola Gec, Ivo Krištof, Miroslav Buhin and Mladen Ptičar each in their own way belong to the "golden stunt generation" when you could make a good living from film and television "doubling" and character roles. Although half a century has passed since the first film jobs, the passion of our heroes for stunts has not diminished. "Winnetou", "Old Surehand", "Winds of War", "The Iron Cross", "The Battle of the Neretva" are just some of the hundreds of films and series in which they fought, fell and died. This is the first film in which they did not have to play others...

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