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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians? ~ Paul Hagen


Paul Hagen was born on March 19, 1920, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was the son of opera singer Anna Hagen [1893-1989 and painter Åge Falck Rasmussen [18??-1958]. He was educated at Frederiksberg Teater's student school 1944-45. In 1972 he found employment at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. Theater, which he left in 1987.

He is best known as the pet dealer Clausen in the TV series ‘The House in Christianshavn’, which ran from 1970-77 for 84 episodes. Hagen also established himself in more than 100 supporting film and TV roles between 1952 and 1999. He almost always appeared in folk comedies and often plays in an easily recognizable manner, somewhere between the feathery and the shrewd. And the snappy, the humorous voice and the twinkle in his eye ensure that you shouldn't think he takes himself seriously at all.

Paul sang in two Danish Euro-westerns in which he also appeared as an actor.

Paul Hagen died in Langø, Denmark on May 20, 2003 at the age of 83.

HAGEN, Paul (aka Poul Hagen) [3/19/1920, Copenhagen Denmark – 5/19/2003, Langø, Denmark (pneumonia)] – producer, director, writer, actor, singer, son of opera singer, actress Anna Hagen [1893–1989], painter Åge Falck Rasmussen [1886-1958], married to actress Asta Esper Hagen Andersen [1919–2012] (1945-1955) father of actor Esper Hagen [1948–2015], married to Gurli Flindt [1921-    ] (1960-19??) father of Susanne Hagen [1960-    ], married to director, dancer Alice Martens [1936-    ] (1983-2003).

Tough Guys of the Prairie – 1970 (co) [sings: ““Praeriens skrappe drenge”]

Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie – 1971 (co) [sings: "Swingdoor-Susie"]

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