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European Western Comics ~ Arc Supplementi


Arc Supplementi

(Arc Supplements)

A collection of albi monographs of the adventure genre I know as a supplement to various tastes #1 (December 1948) a Bionda Panther, originally released in 1949. To White Eagle from March 1950 to The Little Warrior. Texts were by Gian Giacomo Dalmasso, design and copyright by Enzo Magni. Drawings by Dionigi Viscardi

The series was published between December 1948 to March 1950 by ARC in Milan, Italy under the direction of Pasquale Giurleo. Each issue was 32 pages in length with black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.12.48) - “La bella del Texas” (The Beauty of Texas)

02 (00.06.49) - “La perla di Bagdad” (The Pearl of Baghdad)

03 (00.03.50) - “I due monelli” (I due monellin)

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