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Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ The many loves of Lang Jeffries

JEFFRIES, Lang (aka Jeffrey Lang) (William Hubor Lappin) [6/7/1930, Carleton, Ontario, Canada – 2/12/1987, Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A.] – film, TV actor, married to JoAnn Margaret Nelson [1930-    ] (1953-    ) father of Kent Lappin [1954-1975], married to actress singer Rhonda Fleming (Marilyn Louis) [1923-2020] (1960-1962), married to Abigail ‘Gail’ Harris [1934-    ] (1966-1973), married to Mary J. Householder [1937-    ] (1975-1987).


The Times Herald

Port Huron, Michigan

July 12, 1953

JoAnn Nelson, William Lappin

To Speak Vows in Autumn Rites

Mr. and Mrs. D. Robert Nelson, Military Street, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter JoAnn to William H. Lappin son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubor K. Lappin, North River road.

     Jo Ann was graduated by Port Huron High School and Stephens College for Women, Columbia Mo.

     Mr. Lappin is a graduate of Port Huron High School and recently returned from Japan and Korea where he served 3 ½ years with the Army.

     The couple plans a September 12, wedding.

Rhonda Fleming and TV’s Lang Jeffries to Marry Today

The Daily Oklahoman


     HOLLYWOOD (AP) – Actress Rhonda Fleming and TV actor Lang Jeffries said Saturday they’’’ be married Sunday in Las Vegas.

     “We thought we’d wait until Lang finishes his new series,” said the statuesque twice-wed redhead, “but we’re just too much in love to wait.”

     The couple will fly by chartered plane to the Nevada gambling resort. After a civil ceremony and a reception at a hotel casino, they’ll fly back to Hollywood.

     “We’d like to take a trip for a honeymoon, but I have to get back to work on the series,” said Jeffries.

     Each is 36 and each has a son by a previous marriage-named Kent.

     Miss Fleming’s previous marriages were to interior decorator Tom Lane and Dr. Lou Morrill, Beverly Hills surgeon.

     They met a year ago at a Hollywood party and have been dating steadily for three months.

Los Angeles Times


Lang Jeffries Weds Gail Getty

     ROME (UPI) Gail Harris Getty, daughter of San Francisco federal judge George B. Harris, has married actor Lang Jeffries in a brief civil ceremony at city hall.

     Jeffries 35, former husband of actress Rhonda Fleming, said he and his bride, 31, planned a brief honeymoon outside Rome.

     The new Mrs. Jeffries recently divorced Eugene Paul Getty, son of American oil tycoon J. Paul Gett. They were married 11 years and had four children.

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