Friday, September 8, 2023

The Western Way

 The Western Way – English title


A 2013 British short film production [Olivia Turner Productions (London)]

Producer: Olivia Turner

Director: Olivia Turner

Story: Olivia Turner, Kristie Nicely

Screenplay: Olivia Turner, Kristie Nicely

Cinematography: Laura Clutton

Music: Graeme Norgate

Running time: 23 minutes



John - Rory Locke

Bill - Sam Mealey


Two cowboys, compadre's, head off into the open road on a hunting trip. They travel across the land, hunting, when one day their friendship changes when Bill finds a suitcase with lots of money in it. Their fun trip ends in disaster, and it takes their friendship to the ultimate test. Does one take the money or do they share as friends.


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