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English Voices of the Spaghetti Westerns ~ Michael Forest


Michael forest was born Gerald Michael Charlebois in Harvey, North Dakota on April 17, 1929. He moved with his family at a very early age to Seattle, Washington. After high school he attended the University of Washington for a year and then made his way south to the sunnier campuses of San Jose State. Graduating with a B.A. in English and drama. Forest came to Hollywood in 1955 and started acting on TV and on stage at the Players Ring. In 1957, he began to study with veteran actor/acting teacher Jeff Corey. He changed his name to Michael Forest. During the time he was taking acting classes he first encountered Roger Corman. Among the cast members Forest worked with was Frank Wolff, who he would run into later when they both worked in Italy and Spain. He became a semi-regular in several Corman productions.

From 1968 to 1978, Michael lived in Rome, but made films throughout Spain, France and England. During his time in Italy Michael was busy between film roles dubbing English voices such as Jack Palance and Edmund Purdom.

In 1979, just after Michael returned to Los Angeles, he was contracted to play a leading role on “As The World Turns.”  He relocated to New York City where he lived for the length of his contract playing Nick Andropolous – and even traveled to Greece to film segments of the Soap Opera. After a few years on another soap, “The Catlins,” shooting in Atlanta, Michael returned to Los Angeles again where he worked on film, tv, stage and dubbing the voices on hundreds of films and cartoons. Michael was a guest at our 2011 First Los Angeles Spaghetti Western Festival.

Forest was married twice, once to married to Barbara J Dunlap (1962-1980) and then to producer, actress Diana Hale from 1981 until her death last year.

Today he’s retired and lives in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles.

FOREST, Michael (aka George Celik, Gerald Charlebois, Gerald Charleboise, Michael Forrest, Mike Forrest, Alfred Thor, Russell Thor, Russel Thor) (Gerald Michael Charlebois) [4/17/1929, Harvey, North Dakota, U.S.A. -     ] – boxer, theater, film, TV, voice actor, married to Barbara J Dunlap (1962-1980), married to producer, actress Diana Hale [1929-2022] (1981-2022).

Michael Forest’s English language dubbing credits:

Shoot to Kill – 1963 [English voice of Edmund Purdom

Charge of the 7th – 1964 [English voice of Edmund Purdom]

The Mercenary – 1968 [English voice of Jack Palance]

Companeros – 1970 [English voice of Jack Palance]

Brothers Blue – 1971 [English voice of Jack Palance]

The Grand Duel – 1972 [English voice of ?]

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