Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Diana Lorys Interview


Those who undress are young ladies, not young actresses.

Maybe I have not achieved more popularity because they do not call me for television

I love love and I have found it

Q What are you doing now Diana?

A Nothing

Q Because?

A Because I don't have a job.

Diana has made 45 movies. More than Bardot and Loren put together and yet...

Q Plenty has Diana ever felt discouragement, disappointment. I tell you:

A Yeah. I think so. To such an extent that I gave up everything and went to Italy. There I made several movies and everything was going well: but, what do you want? I was throwing all this away. And I came back. There was a stage when I thought about the futility of fighting. Then I regained my spirits. Look, there are good times and bad times. As in all professions, I suppose.

Q Tell me a good moment.

A Well, every time I stand before a camera, every time the curtain rises in front of me...

Q How do you look, Diana? What is the most beautiful thing in you?

A My sincerity and, physically, my mouth

Q The less then beautiful?

A I don't have anything ugly enough to point it out. I really don't have it...

Q Are you a good actress?

A I am. I wasn't when I started. You know, they began to notice me because of the shape of my hips and the sparkle in my eyes. Pleased me... But I have learned, because I study and because I pay attention to those who know more than me. Yes, I have become an actress...

Q Diana. What would you like to do in the next two hours?

A Nothing special. I don't have very specific wishes. But if I can tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to look for my dog and I'll take a walk around. It's not very interesting, but...

Q They turn their heads in your path...

A Phew!...

Q Why? Do they recognize you?

A No. I don't think that's why. Hey, heads turn even though they don't know who I am - she smiles... maybe because I'm wearing red boots, a light blue sweater. But they turn...


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