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Who Are Those Composers? ~ Franco Reitano

Francesco Reitano was born in Fiumara, Reggio, Calabria, Italy on September 5, 1942. He is the son of musician Rocco Reitano [1917-1994] and the brother of singer, actor Beniamino ‘Mino” Reitano whom he wrote several songs for as well as He also wrote songs for Ornella Vanoni, Mina, Claudio Villa, Paolo Mengoli, Sylvie Vartan and many others.

He studied accordion and piano and in 1955 his first band was formed, composed of his family and called the Fata Morgana Orchestra of the Reitano Brothers . The group, made up of five elements, does not last long. The brothers then decided to move to the north, in West Germany, where they appeared in the evenings in some nightclubs including the Star Club, where they performed together in a band called Silver Beetles for two years, they later became The Beatles. After a few years spent in Germany the brothers return to Italy where the group changes its name in 1960 and becomes Franco Reitano and his Brothers, and records with the Fonit Cetra record company entitled You are Not an Angel and You are My Light. Franco also composed scores for films, television and children’s songs.
Franco Reitano dies at the National Cancer Institute of Milan; he rests alongside his brother in the cemetery of Agrate Brianza, municipality of residence of the Reitano family.

REITANO, Franco (Francesco Reitano) [9/5/1942, Fiumara, Reggio, Calabria, Italy
Died: 7/12/2012, Milan, Lombardy, Italy] – composer, son of musician Rocco Reitano [1917-1994] brother of singer, actor, Mino Reitano (Beniamino Reitano) [1944-2009], member of the singing groups ‘Fata Morgana Orchestra of the Reitano brothers’ [1955],  ‘Franco Reitano I Fratelli Reitano’.
$20,000 on Number 7 – 1968 (co)
$20,000 for Seven – 1969 (co) 
Tara Poki - 1971 (co)

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