Tuesday, August 11, 2020

7 Colt per 7 carogne

7 Colt per 7 carogne – Italian title
La vuelta del Mexicano – Mexican title
Sept Colt pour sept charognes – French title
Las pistolas del odio – Spanish title
7 Colts for 7 Bandits – British title
A Colt, Five Dollars and a Bandit – British title
A Colt, Five Dollars and Carrion – English title
Seven Guns for Seven Bandits – U.S.A. title

A 1967 Mexican, Italian film production [Cinematográfica Filmex S.A. (Mexico City)]
Director: Rene Chardon (René Cardona Jr.)
Story: Rafael García Travesi
Screenplay: Rafael García Travesi
Cinematography: Clyde Fielding (Alfredo Uribe) [Technicolor]
Music: Enrico C. Cabiati
Running time: 82 minutes

Ringo/ Juan Olivera – William Cliff (Jorge Rivero)
Jack – Victor Junco
Bob Carlson – Carlos Cortés
Padre Francisco – Enrique Rambal
Rosario – Elsa Aguirre
Comisario – Raúl Meraz
Comisario Clark – John Kelly
Don Alfonso – Carlos Jordán
Cantina patron – José Eduardo Pérez, Mario García ‘Harpos’, Armando Gutiérrez
Pueblo officials – Victorio Blanco, Guillermo Bravo Sosa
Villager – Leonor Gómez, Enriqueta Reza
With: Félix González, Jorge Russek, Fernando Wagner, Pamela Holl, Joe Carson, Carlos León, Barbara Turner 

Ringo's twin Juan Olivera, who died defending the Mexicans in Texas from American racism, is mistaken for his deceased brother and assaulted by a group of fanatics. He manages, with the help of Bob Carlson, and Consuelo, to escape. Soon, however, circumstances prompt him to continue Ringo's struggle and to carry it on successfully. Reduced to impotence even the most egregious of the racists, Juan, returning to his farm, has the bitter surprise of learning that Consuelo was carried away by force by the gunman Jack Reed, to whom she had been linked in the past. Determined to marry her, Juan tries and finds Consuelo, but is challenged to a duel by Reed. Fearing that Juan might be killed, Consuelo shoots the gunman, but before he dies, he shoots Consuelo and kills her.

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