Monday, August 10, 2020

RIP Nando Angelini

Italian supporting actor Nando Angelini died in Pescara, Italy on August 7, 2020. He was he would have turned 87 on August 17th. Born Ferdinando Angelini, he first appeared on screen in the 1958 film “Il segreto delle rose” directed by Albino Principe. He would continue to act in films until the late 1960's, making over 80. During this time he appeared in six Euro-westerns including his biggest role as George in “Colorado Charlie” using the alias Fernand Angels. He was also billed under the aliases Nick Angel. Most of his parts were character roles as henchmen and gang members. His Euro-westerns include: “A Dollar of Fear” 1960 (Spiritual); “The Magnificent Three” 1961 (bandit leader); “Colorado Charlie” 1965 (George); “Mutiny at Fort Sharp” 1965;
‘Questa sera parla Mark Twain’ (TV) 1965 (Steve); “Renegade Gunfighter” 1965 and
“A Golden Sheriff” 1966 (town official).


  1. He is alive, he gave an interview and denied all thd fake news

  2. Thanks for the information on link to the article which I will post. I'll try and delete this obit but I don't know if the system will allow me to go back that far.