Thursday, August 20, 2020

Viva Zalata

Viva Zalata – International title

A 1976 Egyptian film
Producer: Fouad El Mohandes
Director: Hassan Hafez
Screenplay: Anwar Abdallah
Cinematography: Wadid Serry [color]
Music: Tarek Sharara
Running time: 120 minutes

Zalata/Metwali – Fouad El Mohandes
Negma – Shwikar
Billy the Kid – Hussein Fahmy
Yellow Cloud - Sameer Ghanem (Samir Ghanem)
Leader of the Triggers - Tewfik El Dekn (Tawgiq El Deken)
Sheriff – Hassan Mustafa
Batista – Gamal Ismail
Senorita Pompadour - Nabila El Sayed
Zalata’s attorney – Nabil El-Hegrassy
Cowboy – Self Allah Mokthar
American delegate – Osama Abbas
Mexican delegate – Nabil Badr
Baby – Ahmed Nabil
Hani – Zakaria Mouafi
Metwalli’s boss – Salama Elias
Mahmoud King Size – Hassan Abdin
King Size’s son – Ahmed Shokry
With: Mahmoud Morsi

Story: Zalata escapes from Egypt after divorcing his four wives and moves to a fictional town called Texico where he becomes a dangerous outlaw and later its governor. After he shoots the leader of a posse known as the Triggers, his sons vow revenge against him. When Zalata is killed during a combat, he urges his daughter Negma and his son Yellow Cloud to dispatch his nephew Metwalli Zalata from Egypt in order to fight the Triggers. Unknown to Negma and her brother that their cousin Metwalli is not courageous enough like his uncle.

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