Friday, August 7, 2020

RIP Paco Catalá

Paco Catalá the Valencian actor who began activity in the late 1960s and remained in film and TV until the 2010s. He was among the thugs Paul Naschy ejected at the start of “The Franchman’s”  ("He stood up to you, Ricardo. Why didn't you do anything?"), appeared in numerous softcore films and even in a few hardcore films (!), but the mainstay in his career has been playing cops, hoodlums, fences, drug dealers, outdoor vendors, cabbies and other street types. The cap shows him as the unsavoury desk policeman in Grau's “The Hunting Ground”. Paco appeared in three Euro-westerns: “Al oeste de Río Grande” (1983); ‘The New Zorro’ (TV) – 1990, 1991, 1992 [Lancer Perez); “Sons of Trinity” (1994) as Porfirio.


  1. Paco no ha muerto, estoy hablando con el por facebock

  2. His last post on Facebook was July 30th.

  3. Please have him post a statement on Facebook proving he's still alive.

    1. Habla con el por el Facebook PACO CATALA IBAÑEZ

  4. Here's the link to his Facebook page. Last Post July 30th.

  5. Estoy vivo!!!!!