Tuesday, May 7, 2019

La conquista del West

La conquista del West
Authors: Roberto Guarino e Matteo Pollone

Country: Italy
Publisher: Allagalla
Pages: 600
ISBN: 9788899781439

The volume illustrates the evolution of the western within Italian comic book publishing. The anthology, the largest ever conceived in Italy dedicated to this genre, collects 36 stories published in various periodicals from 1948 to 1983, and sees the most important Italian authors at work: Torelli and Zuffi, Berardi and Milazzo, Martina and Paparella (Pecos Bill), the EsseGesse (Capitan Miki), D'Antonio and Calegari (History of the West), Mancuso, Montanari and Monti (Alamo Kid), Nizzi and Boscarato (Larry Yuma), Grecchi and Fusco (Lone Wolf), Jacovitti (Cocco Bill), Castelli and Terenghi (Pedrito El Drito), and Bottaro, Cavazzano, Cossio, Cossu, Di Gennaro, Serpieri, Fenzo, Freghieri, Landolfi, Mantelli, Marcello, Milani, Nicolò, Quinto, Rebuffi, Rotundo, Sicomoro, Tarquinio, Uggeri and many others ... The volume brings to light authors, stories, episodes and characters that have not been reprinted for a long time, and offers readers a historical-critical look at that world: each story is in fact introduced and contextualized by the curators, by experts and, where possible, from the words of the authors themselves.

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