Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Book Release

Il  Était une fois Sergio Leone

Author: Philippe Chanoinat
Language: French
Available October 31, 2017

"There was John Ford and all the others, and then one day a European of Italian origin realized For a handful of dollars. Sergio Leone had just created, or almost, the spaghetti western, and especially give him his letters of nobility. He will make four more, and all will become classics, and are even considered by amateurs as the five best films of the genre. It was necessary for us to pay tribute to Mr. Leone, but not only to celebrate all the protagonists of the western spaghetti that haunted the screens for a good fifteen years. " ~~~~~~~~~ Texts and anecdotes by the author with many successes Philippe Chanoinat and illustrated by the formidable draftsman Charles Da Costa.

Editeur : Éditions Bourguet-Gachon; Édition : Premiere Edition (10 janvier 2017)
Langue : Français
ASIN: B075J2F436
Dimensions du colis: 28,8 x 21,4 x 1,2 cm

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