Friday, December 12, 2014

White Rose Red

White Rose Red – English title
A 2011 Austrian production [Traum und Wahnsinn Medienkollektiv (Vienna)]
Producer: Josef P. Wagner
Director: Juliana Neuhuber
Story: Juliana Neuhuber, Anna-Sophia Russmann, Markus Weilguny, Andreas Reisenbauer
Screenplay: Juliana Neuhuber, Anna-Sophia Russmann, Markus Weilguny, Andreas Reisenbauer
Cinematography: Wolfgang Seehofer, Thomas Weilguny [color]
Music: Maria Salamon
Running time: 12 minutes
Rose – Sophia Grabner
Betty – Nina Neumann
Cedric – Manuel Dragan
Dark cowboy – Joe Baumgartner
Doc – Franciskus Beacon-Schandl
Crying girl – Eva-Christina Binder
Table-top girl – Conny Boes
Too young girl – Judith A. Elsigan
Bartender – Peter Gulan
Loser – Arne Nostitz-Rieneck
Glass-breaker – René Alexander Schifko
Sheriff – Volkmar Voitl
Elegant girl – Anita Zara
Ambassador - Sebastian Gärtner
Dead girl - Marie-Therese Lind
Smiling girl - Iris Panian
Iron head - Wolfgang Pielmeier
Paramedic - Peter Steindl, Nikodemus Wagner
Haughty girl - Romana Tauchner
Table guy - Anton Trauner
Brawler – Daniel Trauner
Lovee – Josef P. Wagner
Lover - Bernhard Weber
Poker players - Markus Weilguny, René A. Reen
Man in red pajamas - Michael Winkelmann
Stunt coordinator: Thomas Weilguny
Stunts: Markus Weilguny, Daniel Trauner
With: Andreas Lackinger
Two beautiful young women (Rose and Betty) quarrel about the prettiest cowboy in town and their beautiful eyes are cast upon a young stranger that soon arrives. Face slapping follows rejection and jealousy. Through the windows of the town is seen the life of transients and prostitutes who make the city their home. Of course blood must eventually flow at the end, because Sedrick can only call one of the girls his own.

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