Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remembering Marcella Albani

Marcella Aida Annita Albani was born on December 7 1899 in Albano, Laziale, Lazio, Italy. In the early days of her career she teamed both at work and in life with the aristocratic director Guido Parish [1891-1968], following him even when he decided to move to Germany. Their Albani received great success in that country continuing her career after separation from Parish.
After sound came, her popularity declined and she turned to writing. One of her novels, The City of Love was even adapted for the big screen by Mario Franchini [1901-19??], her husband. She continued acting until 1936. After a final appearance in her only Euro-western: Luis Trenker’s “The Emperor of California” (1936), she retired from acting and led a peaceful life on the Ligurian Coast.
She died at the age of 59 years due to a brain tumor. She was married to Mario Franchini journalist and later the director of two films produced by Marcella’s Albani Film.

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