Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy 65th Birthday Mircea Diaconu

Mircea Diaconu was born on December 24, 1949 in Vlădeşti, Arges, Romania. Mircea graduated from Campulung in 1967 and IATC IL Caragiale in Bucharest in 1971. He debuted in 1970 in the play “Bulandra with Grass Harp” by Truman Capote. His film debut occurred in 1971 with the film “Nunta de piatra” directed by Dan Pita. In 1972, he was hired by Liviu Ciulei as a member of the theatrical troupe at Bulandra, where he remained until 1982. He then became an actor at the Nottara Theatre. He was the first player from Romania who has resigned, becoming a freelancer in 1990 and then returned to the theater as an employee in 2001. As manager of the Theatre Nottara he was involved in a scandal of nepotism, as he employed his wife Diana Lupescu, as the artistic director post degree, and paid and paid her from theatre funds on contracts involving royalties.
He began his political career in 2008, when he was elected to the Senate for Argeș County as a member of the National Liberal Party (PNL). While there, he served on the culture committee; his term expired after the following election. In May 2012, he was named Culture Minister in the new Victor Ponta cabinet, but was forced out of office the following month when the High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled there was a conflict of interest between his ministerial position and his managerial role at the theater. He ran again for Parliament in 2014 and was elected as an independent.
Diaconu appeared as the character Romulus Brad in three Euro-westerns: “The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians” (1977), “The Actress, the Dollars and the Transylvanians” (1978) and “The Oil, the Baby and the Transylvanians” (1979).

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