Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remembering Nico Turoff

Nikolai ‘Nico’ Turoff was born Nikolai Turow on December 6, 1899 in Kremetschuk, Russian Empire. Nikolai fled Russia as a result of the October Revolution in 1917 to Germany, where he started a career as a boxer. After his last fight in Madrid 1925, he changed his profession and became a film actor.
Equipped with a brawny stature and a powerful, edgy skull, Turoff was predestined for powerful characters of all types. Turoff embodied consistently down home types and hands-on workers, including often times crooks. He received a rare starring role in early 1930 alongside Grete Mosheim in Hans Tintner’s social drama “Cyankali”.
The Propaganda of the Third Reich cinema very often cast him as a sinister negative figure. In 1945 Turoff was seen in DEFA productions often playing proletarian types. In the GDR, he was one of the busiest small actors in film; However, his parts were rarely beyond character roles and soon he was often not even credited by name.
Turoff appeared in three Euro-westerns: “Fatal Error” (1969) as a carriage driver, “Kit & Co.” (1974) as a trapper and “Death for Zapata” (1976) as Manuel.
Nico died in Berlin, East Germany on June 22, 1978.
Today we remember Nico Turoff on what would have been his 115th birthday.

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