Thursday, December 11, 2014

Remembering Axel Anderson

Axel Anderson was born Axel Levy on December 11, 1929 in Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Anderson was born into a Jewish family from their persecution during the Nazi period and fled to Paraguay. Due to its unstable position they moved on to Argentina. At the Teatro Aleman Independiente in the capital of Buenos Aires, Anderson began his acting career. The troupe consisted of a group of exiles, and appeared in fringe theaters around the city. In the 1950s, he moved with his own family first to Colombia, where he spent a year in Bogotá and worked on stage, and later on in the Dominican Republic. His critical attitude towards politics of the dictator Trujillo forced him to flee again, this time to Puerto Rico.
In Puerto Rico, he received first roles for to I Love Lucy ajar sitcom ‘¡Qué pareja!’, where he quickly found success and developed into one of the leading television performers in the country. Titles that are associated with him that are telenovela ‘Cuando los hijos condenan’, one of the first features of the country, “Maruja” and numerous other television titles such as ‘Flor de café’ (1967), ‘Tres hermanas para un hombre’ (1968), ‘La gaviota’ (1969), ‘Mujeres sin hombre’ and ‘Marcela and Marcelino’ (1970), ‘Para Elisa’ (1972) and ‘Por eso que llaman amor’ (1973). These were followed by ‘Los cocorocos’ (1975/1980), ‘Espíritu burlón’ (1976), ‘Vidas privadas’ (1977) and ‘El gran destape’ (1978).
At the beginning of the 1960s, Anderson founded with Carlos Montalbán, the "Teatro La Mascara", where he also directed for many years.
Occasionally, Axel played character roles in international film productions and one was as McNamara in his lone Euro-western “Finger on the Trigger” (1965) starring Rory Calhoun.
Anderson died on December 16 2012, of cancer in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Today we remember Axel Anderson on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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