Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Seventh

The Seventh - International title
A 2009 British production [Anti /Type Films, Short Night Films (London)]
Producer: Laurence Campbell, Lyle Jackson, Ruth Whittaker, Ben Cook
Director: Laurence Campbell
Story: Laurence Campbell
Screenplay: Laurence Campbell
Cinematography: Lyle Jackson [color]
Music: Fever Blank
Running time: 21 minutes
Old Man - Stephen Campbell
Young Man - Laurence Campbell

Deep into the rugged landscape two men fight for survival. One gets the upper hand and the journey begins. The earth and the soul become one as the fever takes hold. Hunted or feared, paranoia and confusion chase both men on their trip through the feral and ungoverned lands.  The reality of death in times of no hope is a brutal realisation for the men and as young becomes old, and another cycle is complete, the old must find their new place.

Link to the full length film: