Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Pascale Petit

Born Anne-Marie Petit, Paris, February 27, 1938 in Paris, France, the future actress Pascale Petit, was raised by her father, a musician, after her parents’ divorce. She lived her early years dedicated to her father and learned his talent for drawing.  This ability led her to pursue artistic studies at the Academy Charpentier.

The actress Françoise Lugagne noticed the beauty of Pascale and thought that the girl could be the pearl sought by her husband, the director Raymond Rouleau, for a secondary role in the film he was about to perform, "The Crucible "(1956). It was her next two films film, which launched her career. "A Life" produced by Annie Dorfmann and "The Cheaters" (1958) a work, depicting the adventures of four young teenagers from Saint-Germain-des-Pres, was a remarkable success. Pascale Petit, now a star in their own right, was given the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti, awarded annually to a promising young French actress.
Petit would go on to appear in over 55 films and TV appearances, her last appearance being in 2001’s TV series “Sous le soleil”. Pascale has appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Find a Place to Die” (1968) and “Cowboy Kid” (1972).

Today we celebrate Pascale Petit’s 75th birthday.

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