Monday, August 10, 2009

RIP Lola Lemos

Spanish actress Lola Lemos died in Madrid, Spain on August 6th, she was 96. Lola was born during a theatrical tour by her parents on May 5, 1913 in Brea de Aragón in Zaragosa, Spain. Her family’s lineage in the theater goes back to the 18th century. Her brother was actor Carlos Lemos (1909-1988). Lola took dramatic lessons and appeared in her first film “Llegaron dos hombres” in 1959. Her film career was not very extensive although she would appear in over 30 films. In contrast it was in television that she would find her greatest popularity. She appeared in such series as “Historias para no dormer”, “Estudio 1” and “Novela”. Late in life she became the consummate grandmother figure in such shows as “Menudo is mi padre” (1996-1998), playing the mother in “El Fary” and “Abierto 24 horas” (2000-2001) giving life to the ghost’s mother Pilar Bardem. During her long life and career Lola Lemos appeared in one Euro-western 1965’s “Dos mil dolares por Coyote” (aka “Ballad of a Bounty Hunter”) starring James Philbrook.

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