Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe – German titleo
Cerni orlove ze Santa Fe – German title
I gringos non perdonna – Italian title
Les aigles noirs de Santa Fe – French title
Os Águias Negras de Santa Fé - Portuguese title
Las aguilas negras de Santa Fe – Spanish title
Comanche Aguila Negra – Spanish title
Gringos Do Not Forgive – English title
The Black Eagles of Santa Fe – English title
Black Eagle of Santa Fe – English title

A 1965 German, Italian, French co-production [Rapid Film/Constantin Film (Munich),
Metheus Film (Rome), Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (Paris)]
Producer: Mario Siciliano, Gunther Raguse, Wolf C. Hartwig
Director: Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone), Ernest Goodman (Ernst Hofbauer)
Story: Jack Lewis, Valeria Bonamano
Screenplay: Jack Lewis, Valeria Bonamano
Cinematographer: Hans Jura [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Gert Wilden
Song: “Kenn ein Land” sung by Ronny (Wolfgang Roloff)
Running time: 95 minutes

Cliff/Clint McPhearson - Brad Harris (Bradford Harris)
Captain Jackson - Joachim Hansen (Joachim Spieler)
Blade Carpenter – Horst Frank
Morton – Werner Peters
Gentleman – Pinkas Braun
Cora Morton – Edith Hancke
Buddy - Josef Egger
Lana Miller - Olly Schoberová (Olga Schoberová)
Tom Howard/Slim James - Thomas Moore (Enio Girolami)
Brad Howard/Chet ‘Blacky’ James - Serge Marquand
Chief Black Eagle - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Pasqual - Jackie Bézard (Jacques Bézard)
sergeant - Ángel Ortiz (Ricardo Ortiz)
madam – Annie Giss
courier - Lorenzo Robledo

A landowner named Morton wants to increase his land holdings because he has found out there is oil under the Indian reservation. Settlers are also coming into the territory now that a peace treaty is in place with the local Comanche tribe. He devises a plan where he has his henchmen dress as soldiers and attacks the Comanches. Chief Black Eagle retaliates by going on the warpath. After the bloody Indian raid is finished the surviving townspeople go to the nearby fort for protection from Captain Jackson and his men. Because of the peace treaty, the fort is undermanned and Jackson’s hands are tied. He must follow procedures which take time due to government red tape. Jackson enlists the help of frontiersman Clint McPhearson to find out why the Comanches have broken the treaty and are on the warpath. Clint finds out about Morton’s treacherous plan and informs Black Eagle. The chief and his braves ride to the fort in time to save the fleeing soldiers and the settlers from Morton and his henchmen’s attack.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kg1csUcMBA

Brad Harris: Very alive at 76 “Riding a life” is the best way to describe Brad Harris’ rise from a wide-eyed youth of 14 who was inspired by the immortal Steve Reeves to start weight training and traveled to Muscle Beach on a bus from his home in Burbank, California. He later followed Steve Reeves to Italy and, like Reeves, became an international movie star. His film career spans 48 years, and he’s appeared in more than 40 pictures plus a slew of TV shows as an adventure-movie hero and phenomenal stuntman. He was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame on January 19, 2006, and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the “Brad Harris Live” Film Festival on April 29, 2006, in Germany, where he signed autographs for three hours. There are active Brad Harris fan clubs even today. Brad’s exciting and adventurous career is documented in a 387-page biography by Reiner Boller, ‘Brad Harris – Ein amerikanischer Bayer (Brad Harris, the American Bavarian) (2005), which received glowing reviews. There are stories of incredible adventure, life-threatening danger, love, sorrow and grief, as well as some that are very funny indeed. Negotiations are currently under way to make Brad’s life story into a feature film.


  1. Portuguese title:

  2. Thanks Antonio. I watched this film on DVD last night. It plays more like a Winnetou film with some light humor thrown in by Horst Frank. An average western filmed in Northern Spain where the widows ranch from The Big Gundown was filmed, with the rocky hills in the background which looks like the former Yugoslavian locations.