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Billy le Kid – French title
Fuera de la ley – Spanish title
Furia de la lay – Italian title
Alle frontiere del Texas – Italian title
L’uomo dell’O.K. corrall – Italian title
Billy the Kid – English title

A 1963 French, Spanish co-production [Eurocine, (Paris), Carthago Cooperativa
Cinematografica (Madrid)]
Producer: Marius LeSoeur, Esther Cruz
Director: León Klimovsky
Story: Ángel del Castillo, S. G. Monner, Bob Sirens
Screenplay: Ángel Del Castillo, S. G. Monner, Bob Sirens
Cinematography: John Pitcher (Manuel Sanjuán) [Technicolor, Super Panavision]
Music: Daniel J. White
Running time: 91 minutes

Billy Carter - George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Black Jack - Jack Taylor (George Randall)
sheriff - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Captain Harkell - Alberto Dalbés (Francisco Martinez)
John Price - Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Tom Carter - Tomás Blanco (Tomás García)
Mrs. Carter - Tota Alba (Dolores Alba)
Billy's sister - Esther Grant
Billy's bride - Juny Brunell
soldier - José Canalejas
with; Monica Randall (Aurora Sarasa), Juan Luis Gallardo (Juan Comes), Shirley McGuire, Simón Arriaga, Margot Cottens (Margo Costa), Claudio Denis, Indio González (Gaspar González), Henri Macedo, Enrique Núñez, Lorenzo Robledo, José Luis Zalde

This film is not about the legendary outlaw but about a young man named Billy Carter who lives with his father and mother on the family farm. A dispute over the land arises between Tom Carter, Billy’s father, and his rich neighbor John Price. Price decides to punish the Carters and sends his henchmen to teach them a lesson. Billy is sent to the nearby town of Littleton and when he returns he finds his father murdered and his mother injured and the house burned. The cowardly sheriff concludes the death to be an accident despite Billy’s insistence that it was murder. When the sheriff fails to act Billy decides to take the law into his own hands and sets off on his own to seek revenge.

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*Trivia – George Martin whose real name is Francisco Martinez Celeiro now lives in Miami, Florida and is the owner of a large property management company called Biscayne Management and is nicknamed “The Baron of Biscayne”. In 2003 he won a law suit brought against ex-Florida Marlins pitcher Livan Hernandez for assault when the two got into an altercation over the condition of a building Livan was renting from Martin which was used as an auto parts accessory store. Livan was fined $500.00 and sentenced to perform 50 hours of community service. Hernandez decided to get back at Martin and not pay his rent. He ignored three court orders to pay rent and finally the suit was settled with Hernandez paying $60,000 in back rent and $60,000 attorney fees. The civil suit continues with Martin seeking damages for assault and battery.

[Thanks to good friend Chris Casey for the information on George Martin]

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  1. Hey Tom, thanks for the article. I tried opening the Youtube link you had here for Billy Le Kid, but Youtube says the Youtube account of the person who had uploaded the video had been removed. I have yet to find a way to watch the movie online or purchase a VHS or DVD of it... if you know of another link for it, or of somewhere I could purchase it, I'd greatly appreciate it. My grandmother had a minor role in the movie, so that's one of the reasons I've been trying to find it. Appreciate any help or suggestions!
    (my e-mail is
    PS I also have a picture of my grandma with three other people on set during one of the breaks from acting. I could send it to you... maybe you could identify one or more of the people in the picture.