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Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato…parola di Spirito Santo – Italian title
Y le llamaban El Halcón – Spanish title
El Halcón de Sierra Madre – Spanish title
Gringo nimeltä ‘Pyhä Henki’ – Finnish title
On l’appelle Spirito Santo – French title
Ein Halluja für Spirito Santo – German title
Zwei wie Blitz und Donner – German title
Mannen utan namn – han kallades Holy Ghost – Swedish title
Forewarned, Half-Killed…the Word of the Holy Ghost – English title
Blazing Guns – US title

A 1971 Italian, Spanish co-production [Lea Film (Rome), C. C. Astro (Madrid)]
Producer: Luciano Martino
Director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carnimeo)
Story: Tito Carpi
Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Federico De Urrutia, Giuliano Carnimeo
Cinematography: Miguel Fernández Mila [Eastmancolor, Cinemascope]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Song: “Libertad” sung by Giulia De Mutis (Giulia Rei)
Running time: 94 minutes

Harold/Holy Ghost/Spirito Santo - Gianni Garko (Giovanni Garkovich)
Preacher - Victor Israel (José Vilanova)
Carezza/Chuck/Chicken - Chris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
General Ubarte - Poldo Bendandi (Leopoldo Bendandi)
Don Firmino Mendoza - George Rigaud (Pedro Delissetche)
Juana Mendoza - Pilar Velázquez (María Lorente)
Samuel Crow/Crohn/Bull - Paul Stevens (Paolo Gozlino)
Matadodos/May - Fortunato Arena
Brother John - Aldo Barberito
Fiesta - Carlo Gaddi
colonel -Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini)
doctor - Franco Pesce
lieutenant - Tomás Rudy (Tomás Rudi)
barman - Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
boxing coach - Pietro Ceccarelli
poker player - Claudio Ruffini
Mexican soldiers - César Ojinaga
Vern Crow/Crohn - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Captain Ortega - Fredy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
dove - Eagle
Holy Ghost’s/Spirito Santo’s men - Salvatore Baccaro, Gildo DiMarco, Gianclaudio Jabes, Amerigo Santarelli
with; Dadda Gallotti (Alba Gallotti), Evy Farinelli (Evi Farnelli), Monica Altomonte, Maria D’Incoronato, Lina Ferri, Italo Guitto, Pasquale Coletta, Furio Meniconi, Maurizio Tocchi, Gianni Pulone (Giovanni Pulone), Carla Mancini, Roberto dell’Acqua, Massimo Serato (Giuseppe Serato), Riccardo Petrazzi

[Gianni Garko, Chris Huerta]

Gianni Garko stars as Harold/Holy Ghost/Spirito Santo. His character is a take-off on his Sartana persona; a supernatural gunfighter, dressed in white instead of black with a pet dove (which he puts to good use when he needs to extract information from people.) As the film opens a group of Mexican peasants are being rounded up with some being killed by the soldiers of General Ubarte/Ruiz. They are searching for a certain Don Firmino Mendoza who along with Ubarte claim to hold the presidency of Mexico. Ubarte/Ruiz arranges for Mendoza’s execution but The Holy Ghost arrives in the nick-of-time and massacres the soldiers with an odd looking machine-gun. Quickly honored as a Saint the Mexican peasants want Harold to help them fight the revolution. Harold is only interested in a treasure map he has won in a card game and he’s trying to find a person who knows about where the treasure is buried because part of the map is missing. The treasure is buried beneath the fort of General Ubarte/Ruiz. The Holy Ghost teams up again with his old pals Chicken and Preacher and together they go after the gold. After a series of funny adventures they eventually locate the buried gold.

The film series continued with Vassili Karis as Spirito Santo/The Holy Ghost in Roberto Mauri's “...E Lo Chiamavano Spirito Santo” (1972) and its 1973 sequel “Spirito Santo e le Cinque Magnifiche Canaglie”.

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  1. I remember seeing this at the cinema. An entertaining film.

  2. this ones alot of fun..some good laughs..Is there a decent print of this anywhere on dvd yet?